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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Loans For Investors Only?

Our Loans are available to experienced investors only with a credible short-term exit strategy (owner-occupied, rental or hold scenarios on residential rehab loans are not eligible)

What Are Loan Rates and Fees?

Loan rates and fees are competitive but based on risk-related factors such as property condition's), market conditions, borrower experience, credit and equity contribution.

What Are General Loan Terms?

Loan terms are based on a completed underwriting including but not limited to sponsor experience, credit and liquidity, rehab requirements, market conditions and exit strategies. They range in 4-to-12-month terms and points ranging between 3 to 5 and interest rates in the low to mid "teens".

What Are Underwriting Parameters (LTV / other)?

LTV and LTC are strongly based upon the recent purchase price and will be the lesser of 70% of the purchase price or our valuation.

What Is Loan Amount Maximum and Minimum?

Loan amount ranges between $150,000 and $1,000,000.

What Are Improvement Cost Limitations?

Improvement Costs (hard and soft) Cannot Be Greater Than 33% of Acquisition Cost.

What Prior Experience Is Required?

Experience qualifications are based on variables including number of homes successfully flipped, improvement cost amount relative to acquisition price, net profit history, average holding time, strength of the organization, and other factors.

What Down Payment Is Required?

Borrower must contribute the difference of the Loan amount and purchase price. A minimum of 30% contribution by the Borrower is required.

What Is The Overall Loan Process?

Overall Loan Process:

1.) Complete online loan application, broker registration/application.
2.) A representative will call you for a formal introduction.
3.) additional authorization forms will be issued such as Credit Check, other.
4.) If warranted a formal application will be issued and once returned in-depth underwriting will continue toward expediting a timely closing, typically within 10 days of receipt of all required documents. Upon prequalification, loans may be funded within 3 days.

What Markets Do You Lend In?

Active Markets: California, Arizona and Nevada

What loans are not eligible?

Please see the ineligible loan sheet on this site.

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